Why Questraholdings

When I Stopped Trying To Get Rich Tomorrow and Focused On A Solid, PROVEN Method For Making A Lasting Online Income… Questra/AGAM Changed Everything For Good.

Questraholdings is a joint stock company registered in Cabo Verde with headquarters in Spain. Within this body, there are two main companies. They are Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) that deals with the management of financial assets of Questraholdings Also, Questraworld which is an advertisement broker responsible for spreading the goodness of Questraholdings globally. These two subsidiaries of Questraholdings Inc are managed by two separate teams but all work with the same goal.  It started in 2009 and AGAM was launched in 2016 to give room for private investors to come in. AGAM and Questraworld are twin companies that work independently but linked motherly. AGAM is the investment part of QUESTRAHOLDINGS where we get paid from the company’s business activities weekly.

These businesses are:-

– Initial Public Offering (IPO)

– Stock Market

– Real Estate – Auctions

– Toxic Assets

– Partnership with Cape Verde Airlines – Etc.

To know that your investment is secure and you have nothing to worry about. Look at these 5 reasons:-

  1. All invested funds are truly invested in REAL online/offline businesses.
  2. Invested funds are INSURED (up to over 53million euro reserve funds), so the fear of losing your capital is zeroed off.
  3. No flamboyant bonus payment plan that eats deep into company payments to Investors.
  4. Company leaders are openly seen at company trainings/leadership meetings.
  5. Diversification of investments to safeguard against complete loss of investment capitals, through the use of 25 Fund Managers.

TYPES OF EARNING: You can earn in 3 ways :-

  1. Passive – simply your investment
  2. Active – simply via your structural bonuses (affiliate).
  3. Affiliate reward by the company for reaching some levels.

The company declares percentage profits weekly…. it’s between 4-7%. So let’s start with the very first type of earning that is d passive income…these are d list of all d packages they sell – 90euro, 270euro, 810euro, 2430euro, 7290…..till we get to 500,000euro of recent they just released 3 other packages which are in millions

Each of those packages has its own commission. Every package you purchase expires after 1year and you can purchase more than 1 package. They declare percentage profit weekly and that’s what determines your earnings. Percentage profit declaration is normally between 4-7% .They pay you weekly, which means you will be paid 52 times (52weeks in a year).

So let’s use one package as example. Let’s use the green package which goes for 810euro. Let say the company declared profit of 6.3%. Let’s get the 6.3% of the package 810euro. For the maths simply calculate this… 6.3 x 810 = 5103 5103 divided by 100 = 51.03euro. Now remember there is a commission being charged on any package. For this package it is 30% So let’s find the 30% of 51.03euro. That is 51.03 x 30 = 1530.9 then you divide it by 100 = 15.309euro so 15.31euro is what the company deducts from the profit because that is their own commission for managing the portfolio. What is left 51.03-15.31=35.72 euro is our profit on that package for that week. Since each package expires after 1year then it means you will get that for good 52weeks. So let’s do the maths 35.72 x 52weeks = 1857.44 euro in one year without compounding your profit.

And if you compound your profit this is what will happen: Compounding simply means you don’t want to withdraw your profit weekly. You are waiting for it to accumulate till its enough to purchase another package. Let’s take for example, you purchase the green package (810euro), and you earn 35euro weekly.

*in week 1, you will have 35euro return….and you did not withdraw*

*in week 2, you will have 35euro return and you won’t withdraw. That will make it 70euro that you have not withdrawn*

*in week 3, you will have 35euro in return, and you won’t withdraw. That will make it 105euro that have not withdrawn* *Take note, you can now purchase a new white package from this accumulated profit. A white package (90euro). And you will have a balance of 15euro in our AGAM account.*

*in week 4, your earning will increase because you now have 2 active packages, 810euro and 90euro. Which yields 35euro & 3.40euro weekly. So your earning for the week will be 38.40euro. Remember you have a balance of 15euro before, still you won’t withdraw. Now you will now have 38.40euro + 15euro = 43.40euro.*

*in week 5, you will earn another 38.40euro, you won’t withdraw, you will total of 81.80euro that you have not withdrawn.*

*in week 6, you will earn another 38.40euro, you won’t withdraw, you will have total of 119.60euro that you have not withdrawn.* *Take note, you can now purchase a new white package from this accumulated profit. A white package (90euro). And you will have a balance of 29.6euro in our AGAM account.*

*in week 7, your earning will increase because you now have 3 active packages, 810euro, 90euro and another 90euro. Which yields 35euro, 3.40euro and another 3.40euro weekly.

So your earning for the week for will then be 41.80euro. Remember you have a balance of 29.6euro before, still you won’t withdraw. Now you will now have 41.80euro + 29.6euro = 71.40euro.*

*in week 8, you will earn now 41.80euro, you won’t withdraw, you will have total of 113.2euro that you have not withdrawn.* *at this juncture, from your accumulated returns you can now purchase the 3rd white package which is 90euro, you will have a balance of 23.2euro. Once you purchase the 3rd white, then you can now upgrade the 3 white packages into 1 yellow package which is 270euro.*

*so from week 9, your new return will start coming from 1yellow package & one green package. Which will now be 10euro and the 35euro (total 45euro). Remember you have a balance 23.2euro, you will now have a balance of 68.2euro that have not withdrawn* *This is just trying to make little sense by showing us how to compound. By the time you compound for 12months, then you will thank God for investing in Questra.*

*that’s about 736000euro* Legitimately  If you subtract your capital from it, you should get at least 110-120% in return as profit…that’s if you don’t compound or repurchase another plan.

Now let’s go to the other two ways of earning. The first type of earning we discussed has nothing to do with you bringing in anyone it’s strictly your earning base on investment. Then they now introduce these other 2 forms of earning. Let’s look at the affiliate part together with the reward system. This is the no 2 & 3 type of earning and it is not compulsory you introduce anyone to Questra. They only introduce this for people to earn more. So if you are ready to earn more, take this serious. Upline is called agent and downlines are called partners. Questra won’t give you your promo link or that of partner not until you purchase a package. Hence, you can’t refer people until you purchase a package. You can have as many partners as you want. When you start, you start from level 1 (newcomer’s level). You earn 5% from your direct partners only and you don’t earn from your partner’s partner. To attain level 2, you must have a structural group volume of 3000euro meaning the total sales or purchase of every partners in your structure including their own generation of partners, and excluding your own purchase (yours count for your agent) must get to 3000euro. Hence you start earning 7% from your direct partners and 2% from your partner’s partner alone that is your first generation. This level is called bronze agent. Once you attain a structural sales/purchase volume of 25000euro, you get to level 3, which is called silver agent….you start earning 9% from your direct partners, your earning can even get to your 2nd generation of partners here, depends on the level your direct partner is. It is called silver agent….and the company rewards you with 1000euro for attaining this height. That’s the 3rd type of earning. For level 4, your team and all generations under you must have purchased volume of 50,000euro. And you start to earn 10.5%. It is the gold agent…you earn to the 4th generation some small %. The company rewards u with 2000euro. And so on.

The Principle of Development

Countries are divided into 4 groups, according to the principle of development, because of the fact that the company knows a different number of people.
Here are these groups:
1) Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.
2) Turkey, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, France, Italy, Slovakia, Great Britain, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Holland.
3) Morocco, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, Cotswold, Indonesia, South Africa, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Finland, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan.
4) USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines.

All these steps will be implemented in 5 years
1 group of countries 2016-2018
2 group of countries 2017-2019
3 group of countries 2018-2020
4 group of countries 2019-2021
And here is the step-by-step development of the company in the new country:
– access to the market in the country, advertising company
– language support (site, offices, technical support, call centers)
– consulting offices
– Leadership
– official representative
– legal support

Question. Why wait until in 2017,2018 or 2019 – the year the company will reach you, if at an early stage of development you can be the first in your region.


‘… Every height is achievable. There is space for everyone who are ready to soar high. Come up somebody! Come up!! We await your testimony. Questra….dream big, plan it, work it out, realize it’


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